Being situated in the northwest of Romania, at the passage between the Eastern Carpathians and Apuseni Mountains, Sălaj County is known from ancient times as Silvaniei Land that is the Land of the Forests. It has as neighbors to the north the counties Satu-Mare and Maramureş, to the west and south-west Bihor County, and to the south-east Cluj County. Zalău municipality, which is found in the center of the county, is the administrative residence of the county. From a geographical point of view, Sălaj County is an area of hills and valleys along the rivers Almaj, Agrij, Someş, Sălaj, Crasna and Barcău. The mountains are represented in the southwest by two branches of the Apuseni Mountains, the peaks Mereş and Plopiş. The depressions occupy a significant part of the territory of the county, important agricultural areas with many settlements. The 77 wooden churches (sixteenth-nineteenth centuries) place the county among the first places, in terms of the historical architectural monuments.

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