Carastelec commune is located in the north-western part of Sălaj County, 47 km away from Zalău municipality and 18 km away from Şimleu Silvaniei municipality, in the hilly area of the platform of Salaj in Toglaciului Hillocks. Carastelec is bordered by the communes: Camăr to the West, Şimleu Silvaniei to the South, Bocşa to the East, and Măieriste to the North. The commune is made up of the following localities: Carastelec — residence of commune and Dumuslău village. Carastelec village is documentary attested in 1241 under the name of “Kaloztelek”, and Dumuslău village is mentioned in documents since 1418 under the name of “Domozio”. The existing built fund, with groomed households, specific to villages with population mostly of Hungarians, together with the traditions and customs well preserved here, make from Carastelec an attractive area in terms of tourism.

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